Off-Grid Energy Solutions
Alternative power supply
Power Hut:
A fully compliant
one stop off-grid
energy solution
Alternative power supply:
Designed for those requiring an off-grid power supply
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Power Hut: ready to install
Alternative power supply

Our Power Hut is a stand-alone power generation solution designed for your off-grid living.

Power Hut is designed to be easy to install, and is constructed in our Motueka Workshop where it is tested and certified, ready to be delivered and installed on your site for your convenience.

A fully compliant one-stop, off-grid energy solution


• Easily installed onsite
• Delivery nationwide
• Fully compliant

  - bach, holiday home
  - large homes, lodges
  - farm, commercial & industrial

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  • Utilise and store solar energy
  • In-built diesel generator
  • Large capacity battery storage bank
  • Inverter & controller

- mini-hydro and wind generation add-ons available

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Have an Off-Grid Power System?
  2. How Does Your Off-Grid Solution Work?
  3. Is This A One Size Fits All Solution?
  4. What Is Electrical Compliance?
  5. Why Do I Need Electrical Compliance?
  6. Can I Add Additional Power Sources To My Power Hut System?
  7. What Will The Power Hut Cost?
  8. What Do I Need To Do Next?



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